What?! You’re Still in Quartzsite?

First there was 4, then there was 2
First there was 4, then there was 2
Hmmm…yes, I think I like this

So I admit we’ve been lazy….very, very lazy. We had the best of intentions to move ourselves out of our boondocking spot at least 5 days ago. I swear we did. I’d even mapped out our route, scoped out the next 2 boondocking locations and geared myself mentally for the big move. Then, the big RV show ended and other people starting leaving. First our caravan buddies left (sniff, sniff), then the other rigs in the desert started leaving (hmmm…quite nice really), and then suddenly we were practically alone (well, tickle me silly I do declare I like this).

And then there was one...
And then there was one…
Paul and taggart lounge outside the rig
Paul and taggart lounge outside the rig

So there we were all by our lonesome and we just couldn’t see any reason to leave. In fact it was at this point that our travel plans took a bit of a turn, as RV jello plans tend to do. Paul found out he needs to make another emergency trip home, I managed (by some ridiculous stroke of luck) to book the last (the only?) RV site remaining in all of Maricopa County and we decided we were going to stay here until he needs to fly from Phoenix. A whole slew of random RV plans magically fall into place and there you have it.

Ruth ponders the early morning warmth
Ruth relaxes by her truck in some early AM warmth
Doggie Jade (you can just see our rig in the background)
Ruth and doggie Jade (you can just see our rig in the background)

So we’ve been spending our last few days laaaaazing around and (of course) being a bit social as we tend to be. I made friends with a fascinating lady who was truck-camping just down the hill from us. Ruth is a vivacious 75-year old gal who travels with her doggie Jade. She lives in Redding, CA but loves the desert and is passionate about rocks so she decided, the gumptious lady that she is that she’d just take her truck over to Quartzsite and camp by herself in the boonies…no RV, no fancy get-up…just her and her dog rock-hunting by day and sleeping in the bed of the truck by night. I’m always interested in folks like this so I got into the habit of wondering down for a doggie-play and chat everyday. Not only did I meet a lovely lady, but she taught me a ton of stuff (which I admit I would be hard-pressed to remember) about rock-types and gems in Quartzsite. How cool is that?

We also had a wonderful visit from Luke (one of the folks from the Monaco iRV2 group), lovely and vivacious Ingrid & her doggie Bear (from LiveLaughRV) and…believe it or not…the big white Beluga with Sue, Dave, Lewis & Sasha rolled back through town for another overnight stay and play with us at the site.

Don’t worry about us baby, we ain’t gonna be lonely.

So now we finally have a plan. We are staying here until the 3rd at which point we’ll roll into Usery Mountain Regional Park in Phoenix where Paul will (once again) dump me unceremoniously so I can get into trouble by myself for the next few weeks. I’ve got a few social engagements lined up, an interesting move (I’ll need to move the rig while he’s gone) and who knows what other mayhem I’ll get up to? Either way it’s all part of the great unplanned journey of life. It’s not always rosy, it’s not always what you expected, so the best thing you can do is go with the flow and enjoy the scenery while you’re at it…I sure plan to.

Morning coffee w/ Dave & Sue
Morning coffee at Beluga w/ Dave & Sue
Polly and her BEST PAL Lewis
Polly plays with her BEST PAL Lewis
High altitude ice rainbow
High altitude ice rainbow
Taggart enjoys some afternoon sun
Taggart enjoys some afternoon sun
Throw the ball, throw the ball!
Throw the ball, throw the ball!
A very pink sunset
A very pink sunset
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We LOooVE Comments, So Please Do

  1. spurandgair says

    Hi Nina, we call those high altitude ice rainbows, “Sun Dogs” here in Virginia. Please be sure to tell Polly & Lewis!

    • Dan says

      Nina, We stunbled on your blog a few days ago and have to tell you we have enjoyed folloiwng you and Paul on your travel adverntures! Anyway we live in Virginia and plan on leaving here as early as we can in April in our Holiday Ramber Endeavor coach and head west to the coast. Who knows maybe our paths will cross!

      Travel safe!

      Dan & Carolyn

  2. says

    Nina, there is also Cave Creek County Park, just north of Phoenix. You probably know about it already, but wanted to mention it just in case. Howard and I have camped at Usery and Cave Creek and loved them both!!

    • libertatemamo says

      Yup, I heard of it but sadly no sites available at this short notice. Nothing in McDowell either. I think I must have lucked into a last minute cancellation at Usery ‘coz I’ve seen nothing on the system since. Glad to have a site anyway, and I’ve heard good things about the park so I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Linda Zaworski says

    I’ll be really interested in what you have to say about Usery Mountain. We’re heading that way ourselves in a few weeks and have been trying to decide which of the Maricopa Parks we want to make our base. Best to Paul in his journey home.

    Linda Z

    • libertatemamo says

      I’m curious to see this place myself. We stayed at McDowell last year and LOVED it…simply awesome park (I have a review in the archives), but sadly there were no open spots there for my timeframe. Hoping Usery is just as nice.

  4. says

    Thank you for your blog. I was a full time nomad for a year and half, but I am back at a desk job, and craving the road. I spent a lot of time in Southern California and New Mexico, so at some point during every day, it is a sweet respite to read your blog and enjoy the photos and dream of my escape back to the road.

  5. Lee and Shelia says

    While your there alone take the rig out to the Phoenix Raceway and see how fast it will go…… LoL…… Be safe….

  6. says

    It was great meeting you guys yesterday. Our initial 5 day stay in Quartzsite turned into 17. We’re happily set up at Cave Creek and just met LuAnn. Safe travels and we’ll see ya soon for some hiking.

    • libertatemamo says

      Oh excellent. Really looking forward to seeing you all again next week. Hopefully your other half will be feeling better by then too.

      • says

        He’s doing much better and we’re happily settled in next door to Lu and Terry…..although with all the vegetation, we can’t see them. Ready for a hike!

  7. Rob says

    Sitting in a laundrymat in Quartzsite & I pulled out my phone to see what was happening. Top of my email screen it says “still in Quartzsite?”
    Whoa! What is this? Who is watching me this close? So I take a look and it’s my favorite RV blogger hanging out awhile longer too.
    Just a coincidence ….. :-)
    The weather is nice, I’m comfortable, it’s affordable too! why not? There are still a few things I want to do/see in the area & there is nothing pressing right now.
    Have a good time Nina!

    • libertatemamo says

      Oh how funny! I just spent a few hours in that same laundromat a few days ago, but it was crazy crowded..people lined up for the dryers and old ladies fighting over carts haha! Hoping it’s a little more relaxed for you.

  8. says

    Isn’t that just the best part of this life style…changing plans whenever! That seems like all we’ve done in the last couple months and we changed them again last week.

    Glad you are enjoying the quieter side of Q.

    I bet Polly was excited to see her friend Lewis again. What a great surprise!

    Good luck with your move! Travel safely!

    • libertatemamo says

      It’s definitely nice to have the flexibility. Not exactly the plan we had for the next 2 weeks, but it’s worked out all around. I’m actually looking forward to my time at Usery.
      (And yes, Polly was OVER THE MOON…she loves Lewis)

  9. says

    So you were the one who took the last spot at Usery!! We too are leaving Quartzsite on Sunday and heading to Phoenix. Terry’s flying to Portland for some doctor appointments. Oh well … next time!

    • libertatemamo says

      Yeah I fear I may have been the one that hogged that last spot :) Not a lot open in those parks these next 2 weeks. I think I was supremely lucky to get away with only 1 site move in that timeframe. Sorry we missed you. Hope the appts go we’ll.

  10. Jjcruisers says

    I think everyone is going to McDowell. We just booked sites at White Tank Mountain (no hook ups), McDowell (but not when we wanted) and Usery. We spent 10 days at Usery last year and loved it. I attended a yoga class in the visitors center in a room overlooking a field of beautiful yellow flowers.

  11. Sue says

    Great black dog pictures! Thanks for welcoming us back to the desert. We look forward to seeing you at Usery or McDowell.

    Jello Plans Rule!!!

  12. says

    If you keep this up, I might actually meet you one of these days. Unfortunately, I’m back in Q at Dome Rock and will be while you’ll be about a mile & a half north of our home in Mesa. Enjoy Usery!

    • libertatemamo says

      A passing of rigs on the road…..enjoy your time here. Q is not nearly as crazy as it was last week, but there’s still lots o stuff going on. Saw the gear-up for the Classic Car Show at the big tent yesterday. Looks like it’s going to be fabulous. Lots of reaaaaly, reaaaaly nice cars out there.

  13. says

    Love Usery Mtn Park– most site are gi-normous! If you’ve not ever driven the Apache Trail, it makes for a wonderful adventure (just don’t do like I did the first time and drive your motorhome down it’s 1-lane mountainous dirt road! ha!) but your toad should do just fine on it :-)

    • libertatemamo says

      That’s what we figured too…plus we still have water to spare so we can manage a few more days without hook ups.

  14. rwkrecklow says

    Nice to see you enjoying your active social life and being so relaxed there in the sunshine. Did you see your shadow there today? Groundhog Day today you know. Our journey through life can be as good as we make it…you know how to enjoy it. Thanks again for sharing.

  15. rjrvtravels says

    We are at Dome Rock. Will head for McDowell Mountain Regional Park on Monday. Just sent you a text message. Let us know if we can help in any way

    • libertatemamo says

      Oh cheers. Thanks so much for the offer. I’m sure I’ll be fine. Doggie and I will find enough ways to get ourselves into trouble :)

  16. Kathi Williams says

    Just love following your fun! Forwarded this to 5 friends, incl. one full-timer. Thanks so much! By the time you get to Mt. Shasta, we’ll have a full hookup for you & the Boondock club. Say Nina, what WordPress system do you use? I’m trying the free basic but it’s harder than the Blogger one I had for years, imo. Bet you pay for premium help? Do you have an easy template that you plug the essays and pix in? Do you have to resize to fit pix on sides, etc? (Maybe this can be a column while Paul’s away.)

    The pix were getting hard to handle on Blogger, so I switched, but I’m stymied. All three blogs I follow almost daily (Time Goes By, White Feather Farm, and you) use WordPress, so I figured it was the best choice, but….also, I’m stuck with dialup at home, which affects everything. It looks so gorgeous and smooth when you gals do it! Cheers and happy time in the WARM…

    • libertatemamo says

      Cheers for the wonderful offer in Shasta!!

      As for wordpress I use their basic, free version. Haven’t paid for anything yet. I use the Coraline Theme and simply use the “add new post” feature whenever I need to do a new blog post. I input my pictures in “medium size” format (you can set your standard picture-sizes in the “settings” (then click on “media”) section of your dashboard), and if I need to move them I simply click them in the dashboard and align them left, right wherever. It takes a little time to get used to the dashboard, but when you do it is very, very easy. There are several youtube videos and online tutorials on using the WordPress dashboard. I’d probably recommend looking at them.


  17. says

    Usery is a great place to stay, and very convenient to stuff in Mesa area. There are a couple of big dog parks in Mesa you could check out. Be sure you look for the GIGANTIC saguaro in Usery that is actually a cell phone tower–it’s kind of funny.

    By the way, did you get the email I sent you with links to some cool places to stay in Scottsdale and Tucson?

    Have fun–we’ll be in Mesa yet again for Ron’s implant crowns on Tuesday–maybe we’ll see you!


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