1,000,000 Views…and still counting!!!!

Yes, you inspire me :)
Yes, you inspire me :)

While we were hanging at Cape Disappointment this past week my little blog passed a rather massive milestone. What started as just a small thing, a little side-project, somewhere to post a few pics and share a few words with friends and family just rocked past 1,000,000 views. I never, in my wildest imagination thought I would reach that million number. I can’t quite believe it and I just had to share it because YOU, my friends, are the people that made this happen. Maybe it’s “the beast“, or perhaps my witty repatee, or possibly the dog (I’m putting my money on the dog…she is outrageously cute after all), but whatever your reasons for following our journey I THANK you for doing so. The community that I’ve discovered through blogging, the blog readers we’ve met and the inspiration it gives me to continue to photograph and write is something quite special. I may be the source, but you guys are the lifeline of this blog. So, thanks very much folks…here’s looking forward to the next mil :)

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We LOooVE Comments, So Please Do

  1. Nancy Castillo says

    Greetings from N TX and congrats on your blog’s success. I stumbled upon it a while back when I was looking for pictures of So Llano River State Park, my favorite TX SP! While I am only a tentcamper, I love reading about your adventures with the Beast and your photography is marvelous. I look forward to many more posts!


  2. says

    1,000,000 view only because you are such a great writer and always keep it interesting. We all most met up with you near Lake Shasta last summer. This yr we are back at our spot up in the mts. of Arizona near Payson for the summer. 7700 ft / It is a great place to cool down from the Phoenix area in the summer. we have been spending the last 12yrs here. Hope to meet up with you next summer.

  3. says

    It’s easy to see why you have reached this milestone. Your blogs are well written, informative, witty, and your pictures are just as good as your words. Keep it up, love your blog.

  4. Marilyn & Jim Cameron says

    Nina & Paul and, of course, your furry family,
    It has been delightful to follow you since we met at Single Tree CG in Utah back in June of 2011. May your days ahead be full of good health and great times. We do enjoy the notes and pics! Thanks for taking us along for the ride.
    Stay safe and be well.

    Marilyn & Jim Cameron and, of course, Chester

  5. Lee and Shelia says

    Congratulations on the Mile Stone you have reached, we soooooo regret not being able to hook up with you and Paul last year in Oregon. Although we passed each other at some time or another. We are not going to make it up there this year do to our once in a life time trip to Europe for 6 weeks this summer. Perhaps next year if your going to do Oregon again, we are going to try and trip to Alaska next year.
    Have you ever thought about making a few $$ on your Blog? Don’t know how you would do it but with 1,000,000 hits and another 1,000,000 in the future……. Oh Well just thinking out loud here.. My money is on Polly also LoL….

  6. says

    Congratulations! So glad we picked up your blog and got to spend time together as a result. So enjoy following your travels and look forward to our next get together where ever that may be. Keep up the beautifully written blog with amazing photos!!

  7. Bill in San Diego says

    Congratulations! That’s quite the milestone. Your pictures are always beautiful and inspiring. You and Paul do a great on of checking out interesting areas and the descriptions and pictures make you want to go visit right now! Pictures of the kitty basking in the sun in the chair always make me think how nice a nap would be in the sun after a nice walk!

    Keep up the good work!

  8. says

    Nina, I can see the big smile on your face! Just know that I am smiling with you. Congratulations on your amazing blog – photos are truly inspiring leaving everyone that views them with a “good” feeling. Your corresponding descriptions of where you been, what your doing, how your doing it – makes us feel that we are right there with you. Thanks also for all the helpful hints, tips, reviews, etc. we have used them many times.

    I hope you continue to enjoy your blog for a long time to come.

  9. says

    You put alot of effort into your blog, and it shows. Always well written, and more important…….so informative. I always come away after a read with something new to look up or think about. Thank you for all the hard work, we really appreciate it!

  10. says

    Yay! I can’t say I am even a little surprised. I look forward to every one of your entertaining, beautiful and witty posts. Thanks for providing so much inspiration and I plan on being part of that next million!

  11. says

    Congratulations on reaching that impressive milestone! We love your blog and recommend it to new folks all the time. In addition to the clever and entertaining writing, and the beautiful photography, we greatly value the wealth of useful information in your blog. It is our main “go to” site.

  12. says

    Congratulations! That’s certainly worth toasting to!

    And I can see why… you’re a very engaging writer & photographer, and Polly is mega cute. And I just can’t wait until we finally get to meet in person!

  13. says

    I always look forward to your adventures. I love the way you find great places that are off the beaten path for boondocking. Keep up the great work!

  14. Sue says

    WOW!!!!! Thats a lot of views. I know why we follow you and I’m sure others have different reasons, but we all love to hear about you and Paul and Polly and the kitty sisters. You’ve become real friends to all of us. Congratulations and I hope we meet again, in person.
    Fond regards,
    Sue, Dave, Lewis and Sasha

  15. says

    I am not surprised and glad to be part of the first mil, and the next and next. You’ve got style, great photos and info, plus of course Polly. Congrats!

  16. says

    Congrats Nina! It’s a great blog and I can see why so many others enjoy it. Sharon and I are so glad we got to meet you and Paul. We really enjoyed the visit. I hope out paths cross again. We are enjoying our first workamping job at Nason Creek Campground near Leavenworth, WA. If you get near us, please stop by. It’s in the Wenatchee National Forest in a great wooded setting with the creek flowing through the campground. Anyway, hope everything is going great for you guys!


  17. Patty says

    Thank you for your blog. So many reasons I love it….photos, information about your routes and campsite reviews. I’m using your blog to help me plan my trip up 395 to OR and WA in a couple months.

  18. Rosanne Stachecki says

    I LOVE your blog…it definitely is your writing..your sense of humor, and yes, the dog also!

  19. says

    That is an amazing number but no one but you seems surprised. You write a wonderful blog with a perfect mix of information and humor topped off with simply fabulous pictures. You inspire me in my own writing. I doubt such a number is in my future but the comments keep me going. Thanks for such great reads and those terrific campground reviews.

  20. says

    Congratulations! 1,000,000 views is a amazing. You two do an excellent job of writing and the photos are fantastic. We have been fans for a very long time. Keep up the great work.

  21. Diane Borcyckowski says

    No wonder! Super blog! It’s all because of the RVing cats for me. Well, your photos and writing are great too! Ok, Polly is pretty cute. And there’s the fact that I’m living vicariously through you – until I can get my own RV and meet up with you somewhere “out there”. Keep up the great work – the 2nd million will come much faster!

  22. says

    Congrats on the milestone. I too read regularly and look forward to the next one. The campsite reviews are especially helpful using the rating system for comparisons. As we plan our own adventure I keep track of those reviews and if the beast fit comfortably, Polly liked it and the location is spectacular then it’s on our list! We’re even getting healthier so we can hike and see what’s out there on the trails that your photos tease us with weekly! Thanks for the time and effort you put into the blog – how fun it will be for you and Paul to read back through all your adventures when you decide to hang up the steering wheel!

  23. The Good Luck Duck says

    Wowwie! Congratulations!

    Sure, Polly’s alright, but you guys are pretty darn cute yourselves!

  24. Jeff & deb spencer says

    Congratulations from our Arkansas home base. Just back from a 3 week trip in Colorado where we had a fortuitous meetup with RV Dreamers in Colorado Springs before moving on to many hikes in Estes Park. We enjoy your thoughtful information and on this trip referenced your site for the Wilson Sleek, RV memberships, Roadside assistance and GEO method for black tanks. Too bad you didn’t have a post about running out of gas in a 30mph headwind across Kansas…we could have used it as well! Best wishes. Jeff, Deb and Irondog Sam.

  25. Allen says

    Nina, there is no other blogger I look forward to reading as much as you. Wheelin It has taken me places and shown me things that I want to see for myself. Preparations are underway, perhaps we,ll share a sunset cocktail someday. Congratulations on your success.

  26. Rowanova says

    Nice job, and congrats! Keep up the fun “work” and the second mil will happen much sooner. I’m sure of that.

  27. Joe says

    Congrats on the 1M views…. Wow! I’m hooked also enjoy it and hope you keep it up. Thanks for answering my question a couple weeks ago.

  28. Caroline says

    I got out the calculator and see that is A LOT of views every day. I of course am one of the every day people…. I have to see what you and Paul and Polly and the Cats are up to.

  29. says

    Congrats! That’s an amazing stat!! Although I must say, not at all surprising. We stayed for two “gnat-free” nights at Antelope Island this past week after reading your review. We absolutely loved it! Your blog has become our go-to source for what’s hot in the land of full-time RVing! Thanks for all the great info… and please-oh-please keep it up! :-)

  30. says

    There are blogs and then there ARE BLOGS!! I am so thankful to what you have brought to the table, sharing such a wealth of excitement and knowledge…I’d never got started on this journey without the insight from you as well as others have offered..but you, you sure rock it out of the park! Thank you Nina!!!

  31. Hurger says

    Congratulations… and Thanks a Million for sharing your excellent adventures. We count the days till we can join you as full timers. Keep us posted!

  32. RJRVtravels says

    Congratulations! Your blog – fun, witty, entertaining. But also delivering great value. THANKS!

  33. says

    this is awesome you guys.. keep blogging. We are hitting the road in 2 years and you have made our boon docking dreams, fears and anxieties so much easier to plan around. Thanks
    John and Jenny


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