“Home” On The Beach – Bandon, OR

Our "office" for July/Aug. Lovely Coquille River Lighthouse!
Our “office” for July/Aug. Lovely Coquille River Lighthouse!
Our new backyard. Lovely Bandon beach!
Our new backyard. Fabulous Bandon beach!

“Honey I’m home”, was the first thought in my mind as we pulled into our usual spot at Bullards Beach State Park for our summer jobs. This was all so familiar, all so relaxing, all so “right”. As soon as our jacks hit the ground I knew we’d made the right decision to come back and the best part is, we both felt exactly the same way. Love it when an RV mind-meld comes together!

I can honestly say there are few places we’ve been in our 4 years of RVing that have captured our hearts quite so much as this spot right here. I can’t quite explain it, but Bandon has just the right stuff and just the right vibe. It’s got a gorgeous, lightly-visited beach with stunning sea-stacks, all paw-friendly of course. There’s a super-cute and quiet downtown with a selection of excellent spots to eat as well as home-made chocolate shop, a wine shop, an outstanding farmers market, even a creamery (new this year). Add to that a lovely little marina, several excellent golf courses, a fabulous lighthouse (!) and if you need it another 15 miles of wild and practically deserted beach on the north side of the river. Plus there’s just the right spattering of people…not too many, not too little. You know what I mean?

Polly playing at Bullards Beach State Park
Polly playing at Bullards Beach State Park
"What you looking at, punk?"
“Jerry, some nut is photographing us again”

Really, I shouldn’t be saying anything since this is a secret worth keeping just the way it is. Shhhh…you didn’t hear it from me, OK?

But probably one of the best things about Bandon is that people are so darn friendly!! Our 2nd day here, as I was chatting to some of the other volunteers an energetic lady in a bright car stopped outside our RV and sprung out like a gazelle to hand us a warm loaf of bread with a quick “Welcome to Bandon”. I barely had time to sputter “Ermm…Thank You?” before the nimble bread phantom sped off into the distance. What?? My guests asked me who it was and all I could answer was “I have no idea, but what a friendly gal!”. Turns out it was none other than the elusive Gunta who’s blog I’ve been following for the past year. She may have escaped me this time, but next time we meet I promise to capture this local legend on film….

We’re here for the next 2 months as lighthouse hosts at Coquille River Lighthouse, easily the cutest lighthouse on the coast. We’ve already had an excellent (and rather busy) first week plus we’ve met-up with some old friends (the Birding RVers and lovely pooch Molly are just down the road -> pay no attention Lewis) and have several more get-togethers planned with others. As we go along I’ll be updating you on our jobs, our activities and exploring the area. Just for good measure I’ll probably throw in a few “RV tips” posts and things we’ve done to prepare our rig for 2 months of downtime. In the meantime if you’re in the area, come by and see us in the lighthouse. We’ve always got a story to tell, and sometimes those stories are even true :)

Let the summer games begin….

At the beach in Bandon
At the beach in Bandon

Walking by the river in our RV park
Walking by the river in our RV park

Polly meets up with her buddy Molly
Polly meets up with her buddy Molly

Let's play, dad!
Let’s play, dad!

Cool clouds
Cool clouds

Flashy waves
Flashy waves
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We LOooVE Comments, So Please Do

  1. says

    Your excitement for the area really comes through in your post. Glad you are looking forward to your time working at the lighthouse. I am sure your guests will get a great tour…you excitement is contagious:)

    • libertatemamo says

      I have to admit its a lot of fun. We’ve already met a bunch of interesting characters this week, and seen people from as far away as Russia! Pretty cool stuff.

  2. says

    I’m caught in that same bind about telling everyone how wonderful Bandon is, but hoping to keep it from getting any more crowded. See ya soon! 😉

  3. Sue says

    Oh! I’m so jealous. Our time in Bandon was cut short by inverter trouble and we only were able to stay one night. We never got to do any of the fun things Bandon has to offer. Don’t worry Polly, I won’t let Lewis read your Mom’s blogs so he’ll always believe HE’S your bestest friend. Love to you all, Sue, Dave, Sasha and Lewis

    • libertatemamo says

      It’s a really neat state park. Nice mix of FHU and water/electric too. We do love it here.

  4. says

    Nina, you and Paul and Polly and the other eight paws have a grand time in Bandon. Howard and I hope you enjoy your stay. Have fun!

  5. says

    Again, I vote blog of the year! I know the work that goes into doing a basic blog. You are a blog master;: mastering Word Press in itself is an accomplishment few can claim. Many thanks for all you do.

  6. says

    You have a “wonderful gig” for the next two months. How did you find this opportunity. I always go to Oregon in the summer – (getting ready to leave soon) and would love to have a workcamper job where I didn’t have to clean toilets! 😉

    I hope you enjoy your stay…

  7. Lois Lane says

    Wow, I randomly found your blog awhile back when looking on the internet at Oregon beaches and have kept several, knowing that we would be heading that way soon. We are currently at Hirz Bay campground at Shasta Lake, per your recommendation, and will be arriving at Bullards Beach next Friday, so was surprised to read your most recent blog last night. I did not realize that Bandon, where you have been talking about as your destination, was also Bullards Beach! We will look you up on Friday (we’ll be there for 6 nights). Lois & Bill Lane, in “Beaver Bob,” our 36′ green/gray Beaver diesel pusher.

  8. says

    I just love your blog, I’ve learned a lot about different places. We’d like to bring our tent trailer up in the next month or two. When I went to the site it’s pretty overwhelming , so can you recommend a few sites. We like to be as away from other sites as possible, no inside loops. I have a weird phobia,of not liking people behind me:( (strange),…. But I can’t tell from the camp map what sites look good. Thanks. You guys are amazing!

    • libertatemamo says

      Cool! Regarding sites here it kinda depends if you prefer sites that are more “open” or sites that have more privacy. The best open sites are in C-loop around (outer-facing sites between C49-C52) -> lots of sun & larger “sitting areas” here, but not as many trees. The best “private” sites are around B loop -> very dense foliage here. The beginning of A loop (outer-facing sites between A3-A10 or so) has some nice “mixed” sites -> you get decent privacy, but have an open, grassy space behind you. You can get pics of each and every site at campsitephotos.com. Have a look:

  9. Mike says

    We enjoyed lighthouse hosting last October. Are the battery operated cash register, hand written receipts, and clunky credit card machine still standard operating procedure in the gift shop? If so, OH MY!

    • libertatemamo says

      YUP….I call it the ICR (Idiotic Cash Register). I guess they threw away the old one last year and replaced it with one EXACTLY the same haha….too funny!

  10. Mike says

    The ICR- TOO Funny! We had a lot of problems with the keys sticking on the old ICR so a lot of “circumventing” of same was done so that the receipts came out even. No cheating on the money….. just cleared bad entries (stuck keys), entered new ones from the hand written receipts and as if by magic cash and receipts balanced at the end of shift. I think the Park employees thought the redundant system to be foolproof but they underestimate us volunteers!

    Have a great stay at Bullards Beach State Park.

  11. Stephany Smith says

    I love camping at Bullards Beach. There is a small old family cemetery in the campground. I was camping there several months ago and found the little cemetery looking very overgrown, sad and neglected. I contacted Ben Fisher, the park manager, and received a prompt and couteous reply saying there were plans to clean up the little cemetery and eventually put up interpretive signs. If you visit the little cemetery can you tell me how it looks? I am hoping they were able to get it cleaned up. I know they do a great job keeping up the park and they are very busy.

  12. says

    I’m a bit behind on my Wheeling It reading, but I think I detected just a hint of unusual for Nina word choices in this last post. You might want to have the Phantom Bread Ladies bread tested for ‘natural herbs’:)!

    Looks like great weather too – glad this years Great North Trek has been going so well for you guys… Of course, you two have away of making any locations treks something to remember. Even in bad weather or bad locations, you two seem to find away to stay active and interested…


  13. flyfishnevada says

    Glad you made it back to Bandon. My bad memories of the place (my wife’s father lived there and died in 2011) fade with each RVer that visits the place (yes, I read Goin’ RV Boondocking too). We spent many an afternoon eating lunch above that beach and those stair are very familiar. It is a lovely little town. I love the marina and the beaches. I look forward to your summer in Bandon.

  14. Jan says

    Dang thought I had kept Bandon a secret. My sister-n-law and husband and her daughter and not sure if her twins still live there but is my most favorite place of all Oregon Beaches. When I get my RV I plan to visit there often. Oh, S-I-N and her husband used to own the Bandon Seafood Market/Restaurant they had the best fish and chips and fresh made everyday clam chowder. Tillamook Cheese bought the Bandon Cheese Factory then closed it so am really happy to hear a new one has opened, the very best of homemade ice cream. Also liked the Yurts at Bullards SP for those that wanted to use. Have kayaked the waters all around there and that is where I bought my Kayaks from Bob’s Marina that is/was on the pier. I must get back there for a visit and sooner would be better than later.

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