RV Park Review – Olde Stone Village RV Park, McMinnville, OR

I saw here, I totally did! The Spruce Goose
The fabulous Spruce Goose at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum right next-door to the park.

A very high quality RV park walking distance to the fabulous Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville in NW Oregon.

Link to park here: Olde Stone Village, McMinnville, OR
Link to map location here:  Olde Stone Village, McMinnville, OR

  1. Site quality = 4.5/5
    Excellent sites for a private park. All sites are spacious, level concrete areas, either back-in or pull-through with FHU (50Amp/water/sewer) plus cable TV, a nice concrete “sitting area” with picnic table and a slice of green and tree between each site. All sites are long enough for just about any sized-RV and some, particularly the “outer” back-in sites, have green views -> sites #265-271 back-up to a very large grassy area, sites #229-238 have lovely views of the Museum out the back and sites #228-221 have nice grassy areas in the back. Only minor ding is lack of privacy. As with most private parks sites are lined-up next to each up with no real barrier in-between. However the quality and greenery is top-notch.
  2. Facilities = 4.5/5
    Very good facilities. The showers are individual shower/bathroom stalls with very large walk-in showers and good space to hang clothing/towels. All are kept spotlessly clean. Only ding is they have a tad older feel and the water pressure was on the low side.
  3. Amenities = 5/5
    Very nice amenities all-around. The park has a clean laundromat/lounge area with sofa/TV and books for you to read while you wash. Three new laundry machines at $1.25 per load. There is also a nice, heated pool, a small golf putting area, gazebo/BBQ area, sports court and playground. On-site WiFi is free and works very well except at really high-load times. Can’t really think of anything they missed here.
  4. Location = 5/5
    For visiting McMinnville & the surrounding area the location is excellent. You are walking distance (on a nice, green path) to the lovely Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum and only a few miles to downtown McMinnville. Easy driving to no end of wineries and restaurants in the surrounding Willamette Valley.
  5. Pet friendliness = 2.5/5
    Good spot for doggie, but with some specific dings. The park has a very large (really lovely) green field behind sites 265-271 for walking with doggie plus you are just next-door to the Museum which also has extensive grounds for walking. Poo bags provided on-site. The two main “dings” are that the park does not accept “attack” breeds (which they list as  Pit Bull, Chow, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, and (very surprisingly) Blue Heeler), plus they will only accept 2 dogs if their *combined* weight is under 50 lbs. This latter rule is very restrictive for multi-dog owners and the only real mar (for dog owners) in an otherwise excellent park.

Overall rating = 4.3
 Camp within walking distance of the fabulous Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum!

Summary: If you’re looking for a high quality private park in a great location it really doesn’t get much better than this. This place scored super-high on rvparkreviews and it definitely delivered. The entire park is clean, green & manicured with large concrete sites and “sitting areas” separated by nice slices of grass and trees. Like most private RV parks there is not much separation or privacy between sites, but the park makes up for it with well-sized sites and decent views, especially from the “outer” sites to either a grassy field (sites 265-271) or to the Aviation Museum (sites 229-238). The amenities are great with good, usable WiFi (free), small clubhouse (lounge), modern laundromat, heated pool, sports court and playground. Location is also top-notch with the fabulous Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum just walking distance away and the town of McMinnville with it’s restaurants and extensive wineries just a few miles down. Only significant “ding” is they have rather restrictive dog rules, esp. for multi-dog owners (see above). Turn-over/occupancy in the RV park was high when we were there (even after the big week-end) so it’s probably a good idea to book ahead if you decide to stay here. We’re not typically “private RV park people”, but we appreciated this well-kept park and really enjoyed the location. If you’re coming to the area to visit the Museum & Willamette Valley Wineries, this is definitely the best option in town.

Extra Info: Good Verizon signal (3 bars of 4G), plus very good free on-site WiFi. Sites cost $35/night ($199/week) for FHU+cable.  Total 71 sites.  10% discount for Good Sam’s members. On-site laundromat.

Typical site view. This is a long concrete pull-through with "sitting area" at the side. Site #253 shown.
Typical site view. This is a long concrete pull-through with “sitting area” at the side. Site #253 shown.
View from the back of our site. We were in #250 in the middle of the row.
View from the back of our site. We were in #250 in the middle of the row.
View down our row from the side. First empty site is #254 and we're in #250. The building in the background is the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum.
View down our row from the entrance. First empty site is #254 and we’re in #250. The building in the background is the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum.
View down another typical row. RV in site #246 on left with #245 next to it.
View down another typical row. RV in site #246 on left with #245 next to it.
View down one of the back rows. Empty site #215 in front with RV in #216 behind it.
View down one of the back areas. Empty site #215 in front with RV in #216 behind it.
View down one of the "outer" sites with more greenery. Site #228 on left with #227 beside it.
View down one of the “outer” sites with more greenery. Site #228 on left with #227 beside it. The walkway to the museum is the far left path.
View from behind "outer" sites #271-265. This huge green field was also the dog walking area.
View from behind “outer” sites #271-265. This huge green field was also the dog walking area.
View of main facilities/lounge/laundromat
View of main facilities/lounge/laundromat
View of main office.
View of main office.
View of playground
View of playground
View of pool
View of pool
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We LOooVE Comments, So Please Do

  1. says

    Definitely high marks for a private park! Thanks as always for the real-time photos of the sites. Pretty fun to have a cool museum in your backyard for a few days.

    • libertatemamo says

      I have to admit the location was IDEAL! The Museum has huge grounds too (the outside areas are free and open to the public) so we were able to enjoy those the whole time we were there.


  2. keepinontruckin says

    “Only ding is that the park does not accept “attack” breeds.”
    That’s a + in my book, but I can appreciate someone having a problem with “discrimination”.

    • libertatemamo says

      I only ever rate 5/5 if the park accepts all dogs with no restrictions. The “attack” breed is a common restriction in private parks, but not public campgrounds.


  3. says

    Hi Nina–Just a comment on the pet friendliness of this park. Since we travel with a guide dog and 3 rescues, it’s gotten so the first thing I look at when scoping out potential RV parks are the park rules–and sadly, this is yet another park with a two dog limit AND they are supposed to be under 50 pounds TOTAL combined weight! Yikes! Unfortunately, we are finding quite a few parks with these kinds of parameters, so just a head’s up for fellow dog people–it’s a good idea to check out the park rules before you get too excited about heading there. The good news is we have not seen these kinds of limits on “dog numbers” at national parks or state parks–and of course boon docking is the ultimate solution!

    Happy travels!

    • libertatemamo says

      Thanks for that update! I didn’t see the 2-dog limit otherwise that would have bought down my pet rating even further. It’s so rare that we stay at private parks that I forget to check these details. I will update the review when I get a chance.


    • libertatemamo says

      I’ve updated the review with the limitation. Thanks again for pointing it out to me!


  4. Christine says

    I can vow for the last comment as well.
    We too were refused a site with our 2 Border Collies who were over a 50 pound limit combined.
    I have no idea where the ridiculous 50 pound rule stems from. The most popular and gentle American breed the Golden Retriever is easily a 50 pound by itself.
    There are more parks in the area that have this rule. I will try to make a list.
    Our home base is Portland and we purchased our Open Range 5th wheeler in June 2012. Fast forward to September that year and we discovered a leaking dishwasher in our stick home, probable had been leaking for months and it all went under our pergo(open plan) kitchen/family room/dining room and in the walls. When it was open up it revealed black toxic mold everywhere.
    Because dishwasher water is considered sewage we had to evacuate and luckily we had the 5th wheel we could use.
    In our quest to find a place to stay for a few months( we first thought 6 weeks which turned in almost 6 months)we visited all most every RV park in the vicinity if Portland that still was in driving distance for husbands employer if the need would arise.
    Finding of a decent park proofed more difficult than we thought.
    There was the pet limit rule, either 2 or 1 dog and the weight limit rule, the no cat rule, and most disappointing the ‘no we will not allow you to park here because you have a patio connected to your trailer’ rule.
    We have a fold down patio attached to one of the slide, it was the selling point for us. I am disabled and it is for me a great opportunity to sit outside without needing to get out of the small steps of the trailer.
    Unfortunately many parks refused us. They were afraid the feed of the patio would damage the ground, conveniently forgetting other folks put much heavier stuff outside that just our patio feet.
    I later heard from people in forums I should have mentioned the ADA which gives me the right to use my accessible features and the should have accommodated me. Well try that this year.;-)

    We finally found a home in North Portland, Columbia River Park. One big concrete RV park caters mostly to temp. workers. It lies right under the flight path of PDX airport. We got used to that very quickly. Staff was lovely and we stayed there over the holidays till February.
    Unfortunately to add insult to our flooded house, our trailer was also flooded. Those big sliding patio doors? They forgot to seal them among other things. Our living area was soaked, my bed was soaked because the windows leaked as well. That was on ThanksGiving, the dealer refused to send someone out to help us with a temporarily fix and so it became worse and worse. I got pneumonia and the answer from our dealer was to move into a hotel and park the trailer at the dealer, outside, in the rain. No hotel that would take two dogs, a cat and two humans was available during that holiday, besides I was too sick to move. And so we sat it out.
    Our first year of RVing was not a huge success and neither was the second because the trailer had been at the dealer for repairs(a total new floor) for most of the months. She has been in last year for 6 times longest was 5 months. Leaking, electrical wiring that fell out the slide on the wheels while driving etc.
    This is our 3th year and we’re ready to roll and will be leaving on Wednesday first stop Chinook RV Park near Waldport. Taking it slow and see how she does.
    Will be keeping up my blog!

    • libertatemamo says

      I’ve updated the review to add the 2-dog 50 lb limitation and reduce their dog friendliness rating. Really too bad since this is otherwise a great park for dogs. Our one dog alone is 50 lbs!


      P.S. We also stay at Columbia River RV Park whenever we are in Portland. It’s not fancy, but it’s clean, the owners are nice and they’re dog-friendly

  5. Christine says

    I apologize for the typos. An iPhone is not really suitable to write up a comment and I missed some errors. Sorry!

  6. says

    Another potential ding for this park.. is they also have very strict age requirements for RVs. Checking today, your RV “must” to be 1995 or newer for nightly or weekly stays.

    Bummer.. the location sounded ideal for our next stop.

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