RV Park Review – Quileute Oceanside RV Park, La Push, WA

Don't know how we manage such mediocre sites :)
Lovely First Beach is just steps from the RV park

A small, basic, but lovely park with spacious RV sites just steps from gorgeous First Beach on the north-central coast in La Push, WA

Link to park here: Quileute Oceanside Resort, La Push, WA
Link to map location here: Quileute Oceanside Resort, La Push, WA

NOTE*/ When you book here be aware that the main office at Quileute Oceanside Resort manages two RV park areas -> Oceanside RV Park on the north side (also called Ocean Park, sites 1-24) and Quileute Lonesome Creek on the south side (sites 25-66) -> the parks are listed separately on rvparkreviews & on the road, but have been (recently?) merged together, and my understanding is that the resort manages the parks as one entity. The Oceanside or Ocean Park area (sites 1-24) is by far the nicer spot to stay so be sure to insist you are given a site in this particular area. This review is specific to the northern 24 sites only.

  1. Site quality = 4.5/5
    Really lovely RV sites here. The northern side of Quileute Oceanside Resort (comprising sites 1-24 -> see NOTE* above) has a mix of back-in or pull-through flat, gravel sites in a large open area steps from the beach. Sites are separated by a tasteful wood fences and contain picnic table, nice brick fire-pit and individual trash cans. Beach-facing sites (esp. 3-11, my favorites) are nicely spacious as are side-facing sites (12-18, these have large grassy area behind them), whereas back-facing sites (esp. 19-24) are somewhat smaller. Full hookups (50Amp/water/sewer) with some thoughtful little extras -> ocean-facing sites (#3-11) have the option of two sewer locations (one in front right and one in back left) so that both Class A & 5th wheels can choose to park facing the view (I really like this), plus each site has double water spigots so you can hookup and still have one spigot left-over to rinse your feet of sand (another nice feature). Only ding? No real privacy/trees here, but given there are only 24 sites and you’re here for the view I don’t see that as much of a negative.
  2. Facilities = 3.5/5
    Decent facilities here accessed by a key-lock (given on check-in). There is a shower/toilet area which is a tad dated, but large and kept decently clean (toilets were pristine, but there was sand/dirt on the floor). Shower pressure was low, but temperature was decent. Shower curtain could use an upgrade. Overall not the classiest facilities I’ve seen, but they’re functional.
  3. Amenities = 2/5
    Amenities are not what you come to this park for. There is on-site laundry, but it’s expensive (one machine only $3/load) plus there is a central covered ramada with picnic table & BBQ. There is WiFi at the main office, but none at the sites. Quileute Resort operates a small grocery store within the park area ~1 mile from the RV sites.
  4. Location = 5/5
    Location is the whole reason you come here, and by location I mean beach! The campsites are mere steps from First Beach which is a lovely crescent-shaped beach that allows hiking, surfing (good surf break) and sunset viewing. All sites have views of St.James Island with slices of water views (there is a small dune in the way) and it takes mere seconds to have your feet in the sand. Rialto, Second and Third Beach are next-door with Forks (basic shopping) only ~12 miles away. Extra perk? There is a small on-site espresso stand near the front office of the park :)
  5. Pet friendliness = 5/5
    Very dog-friendly spot. Lots of space to hang in camp and full off-leash friendly First Beach is just steps away. Free poop bags by the beach trail.

Overall rating = 4.0
BONUS ALERT = Camp mere steps from gorgeous First Beach!

Summary: We came to this park for location, and boy did it deliver. Quileuete Oceanside Resort is actually a larger complex that contains two RV park areas, lots of cabins, a motel and a smaller on-site store, all fronting gorgeous First Beach. The nicest areas for RVs is the small collection of sites (24 only) located on the northern side of the resort known as Oceanside or Ocean Park RV. Sites are basic gravel, but nicely spacious (especially beach-front sites 3-11) with pleasant wooden separator fences, individual trash can, brick fire-pit and picnic table plus you are only seconds from the beach (nothing but a mini-dune separates you from the sand). Beach-facing sites have the added bonus of two sewer locations so both 5th wheels & Class A’s can chose to park facing the view. No real amenities at this park except for an on-site BBQ ramadan and one rather expensive laundry machine, but the spacious sites and gorgeous beach more than make up for it. Nearby Rialto, Second and Third Beach are excellent outings, plus Forks (~12 miles away) has shopping and Twilight fan sightseeing. The local beach (First Beach) is off-leash dog friendly and does allow camping too, so expect some campfires and the occasional evening fire-cracker. Neither bothered us and in fact we loved that we could stroll over & walk with doggie right on the beach while watching the sunset. The beach also has an excellent surf-break and there is a guy who rents wet-suits/boards on-site for those brave enough to brace the waters. Overall a fabulous place to just hang out, relax and enjoy the beach with doggie in tow. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here and would most certainly come back!

Extra Info: Excellent Verizon signal (5 bars of LTE -> the tower is literally IN the park). WiFi in main office, but NONE at the sites. During summer season sites cost $40/night (+tax) for FHU, during winter $27/night (+tax) for FHU. No discounts. 24 sites total. On-site laundry machine ($3/load).


  • Quileute Lonesome Creek – As mentioned in the NOTE* above, Quileute Lonesome Creek (sites 25-66) is actually part of the same resort complex as Oceanside RV, but is not nearly as nice. Sites are older, uneven, disheveled and much closer together. It has a completely different feel, yet it carries the same price-tag ($40/night in summer, $27/night in winter). This area takes RV or tents. Only bonus is that it does access the same lovely beach. We would not recommend staying here.
  • Mora Campground – For smaller rigs, Mora campground is a lovely, forested primitive (dry-camping only) first-come-first-serve campground located just a few miles from Rialto Beach. Recommended RV size is 21-feet and having driven the campground I can confirm this would be about the limit (no WAY we could get in here). Sites cost $12/night.

NOTE/ All pictures below are taken from northern RV park area (site 1-24)

Typical site view. This is one of beach-facing sites #6. We're in #7 to right.
Typical site view. This is one of beach-facing sites #6. We’re in #7 to right.
Front view of our site #7
Front view of our site #7
Back view of our site #7
Back view of our site #7. RV on right is in site #9.
View from trail to beach. We're on left in #7. RV on right is in #3
View from beach trail towards park. We’re on left in #7. RV on right is in #3
View of site from beach. This is how far from the sand you are
View of sites from end of beach trail. This is how far from the sand you are. We’re in middle #7.
View of back-facing site #19 shown. These are smaller and not as nice as front-facing.
View of back-facing site #19 shown. These are smaller and not as nice as front-facing.
Side view of back-facing sites. #19 is closest to us.
Side view of back-facing sites. #19 is closest to us. Facilities on your right.
View of RV park from the side. RV's nearest to us are in sites 12-18. We're in the middle of the front-facing row. Beach is in the back ground.
View of RV park from the side. RV’s nearest to us are in sites #12-18. We’re in the middle of the front-facing row. Beach is in the back ground.
View of fire-pit
View of fire-pit
Picture of central, covered Ramadan w/ BBQ area.
Picture of central, covered Ramadan w/ BBQ area.
Picture of facilities
Picture of facilities
Picture of park map. You want to stay in the northern sites (on right) #1-24 listed as "Ocean Park" on here.
Picture of resort map. You want to stay in the northern RV sites (on right) #1-24 listed as “Ocean Park” on here.
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  1. Barry Mann says

    Hi Guys. I just started reading your Blog four days ago and really do enjoy it. I started documenting your travels and comments to use as aids when we travel to that area of the country. Looks forward to your daily post.
    Safe Travels

    • libertatemamo says

      Welcome to the blog! Cheers for following along and hope I can give ya some inspiration for future travels.


  2. Ross Starkenburg says

    Enjoying your website greatly. We live in Cayucos, ca. It’s a wonderful place to live but of course we like Rv traveling so off we go. We are currently in Grass Valley, ca visiting relatives. Next off to Mendocino ca then eureka ca and gold beach or. Next up your way. We are going to spend the month of August at Fildago Rv park, anacortes wa. From there we will take the ferry out to all the islands. Perhaps we will run across you two while you are on Orcas.
    We plan to return home via the Olympic highway route. It is nice to know there is a park in la push with large parking spots. Our 43 footer is a challenge to find the right size spot.

    • libertatemamo says

      Sounds like you guys have a fabulous trip planned. Plus you’re doing it at the right time of year. Lots of fog here on the OP coast at the moment, but hopefully you’ll get some clear days. Enjoy the trip!


  3. Mike says

    Actually, we’ve stayed at Mora campground in a 30′ class A. Park service says some sites take up to 35′. Can’t argue with that, but I’d hate to navigate the campground roads in a 35′. Turns are sharp with big trees in all the wrong places.

    • libertatemamo says

      I can see a 30′ in Mora…just…but I’m still impressed you got in! I agree the roads are super tight. I’m not clear a 35-footer could make it, but as you pointed out the park service does list “some up to 35′” for that campground. It’s way, way too tight for us.


  4. says

    Hi Nina,
    We have been using your Amazon links since you monetized and placed a large order for 4 tires (and some other small stuff) today. I just wanted to make sure that it shows up and you get credit for it!

    • libertatemamo says

      Thank you so very much for your generosity in using my links! Can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. We’ve been getting a nice, steady small income from Amazon. I won’t be able to see any of these items until they ship, but I’ll be looking out for the tire order now. Thank you so much!


  5. Chris says

    Another excellent park review Nina. The beast looks strange parked in a RV Park and not out in the boonies.

    • libertatemamo says

      She does, doesn’t she. We do prefer more natural settings and I think “the beast” does too :)


  6. Rowanova says

    This is a great review, Nina. I’m glad to see you wrote so positively of this area as it is too often, and unfairly, given bad reviews for some reason.
    I hope it inspires others to give the area another look, and I hope the people in charge of those RV parks/campgrounds read this and are imspired to work to earn more visits from people like you who truly appreciate what the area has to offer. It really is an amazing area.

    • libertatemamo says

      I hope so too. This ended up being such a positive stop for us. The tribe has done an excellent job here.

  7. says

    What a great little park! So often the water front parks sacrifice separation for that extra one or two spaces and ruin the whole thing. Looks like they did it right here :-). Love being so close to the water!

    • libertatemamo says

      I agree. I think they did it right here. They could easily have packed in twice as many RV spots in this place and probably still charged the same, but they didn’t. They kept it small and relaxed with nice, spacious sites. We were so impressed.


  8. says

    Looks like you guys are a couple of weeks ahead of us in Washington. Lucky for me that you are reviewing the very places I am looking at for late July/early August. Thank you for your work on your website. Our family just stsrted a year long RV adventure (also leaving from San Diego) and it looks like there is a lot I can learn from your experiences.

    • libertatemamo says

      Enjoy your trip north! We’ve enjoyed the OP immensely despite alot of fog (it’s been unusually extra-foggy and moist for the month). We are currently rocking our last week in Port Townsend. What a great town!


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